Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of the Bridgnorth area who died during the two World Wars.

Hill J. Pte. Somerset L. I.

There are twenty-one men called Hill of the Somerset Light Infantry recorded in Soldiers Died in the Great War, six of whom have an initial J. I have not yet been able to connect any of them to Claverley.

The only J. Hill birth registered in Bridgnorth Registration District between 1880 and 1900 is John Thomas Hill who was born at Hilton in 1899 but who moved almost immediately to Bolton, Lancs.

There is an Edward John Hill, born Worfield c.1889, living in Claverley in 1901.

Possibly a connection of one of the Hill families living in Claverley who did not himself ever live there.

Maybe a soldier who died between the Armistice and the creation of the memorials.

This memorial has mostly been compiled from official sources. It would be good to be able to expand it with more personal material - memories, stories, photos, etc. If you have any suitable material or any corrections please contact Greg. For news of updates follow @BridgnorthHeros on Twitter.