Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of the Bridgnorth area who died during the two World Wars.

Pion’r W Sherry (1890 – 1915)

Walter Sherry was the son of George Sherry, a bricklayer’s labourer, and his wife Ellen. They lived on Cartway.

Walter was working as a labourer in 1911, but he had probably joined the army before the outbreak of war. He was one of the men who went to France with the 1st Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry on 10th September, 1914.

The battalion saw action at the First Battle of Ypres in 1914 and in the Ypres salient in 1915. Walter died of wounds on 3rd July, 1915. He is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery.

We regret to record that another Bridgnorth lad has died from wounds received whilst fighting for his Country, but it must be consoling to the bereaved parents, as it is gratifying to the public, to know that those who fall, irrespective of rank, and who can be treated in hospital, have the tender care of devoted nurses and others, who not only tend the patient but hasten to express their condolences and sympathy with the bereaved parents should the wounded soldier pass away. These thoughts arise on perusing two letters received by Mr. G. Sherry, 84 Cartway, Bridgnorth, informing him of the death of his son, Private Walter Sherry, in hospital. Boulogne, France, on the 3rd inst. and it will, perhaps, remove any false ideas that may exist in some minds as to what takes place when a valued life is lost in upholding the country's honour if we include those thoughtful letters in this notice.
The first official intimation received was a telegram from Shrewsbury addressed to the father regretting to inform him that his son, No. 10170 Pte. W. Sherry, 1st K.S.L.I, was dangerously ill with shell wound in chest in No. 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, France, and also regretting ‘that permission to visit him could not be granted.’ Then there arrived a letter from the hospital dated July 3, 1915, written by Sister G. M. Allen. -
"Dear Mr. Sherry, I am very sorry to have to tell you that your son. Pte. W. Sherry, of the K.S L.I, died this evening. He has been very ill ever since he has been with us, and we were afraid there was very little chance for him. He was very patient and bright, and we were very fond of him in the ward. I do not know if his mother is still alive; if so, will you tell her I am very sorry for the mothers of the sons who get killed out here. It is very hard lines on them. Tell her he died very quietly and did not feel much pain at the last. — Sincerely yours."
Following this was a letter, also from No. 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, France, dated July 4, 1915, addressed to Mr G. Sherry, as under :- "My dear Sir. — I very much regret that your son died in the above hospital last night. I have seen a good deal of him during the last week, and was with him yesterday afternoon. Later on I will send you a photo of the cemetery wherein soldiers are laid. I want you to feel that your brave lad has given his life for a great cause and has died a noble death. May God give you grace and strength in the time of your sorrow. Believe me yours very truly, Percival Howard, Chaplain, Church of England. - For seven years I was curate at Tettenhall, so know your neighbourhood "
Then on Tuesday morning an official telegram was received by Mr. G. Sherry from Shrewsbury deeply regretting to inform him that his son, 10170 Private Walter Sherry, 1st K.S.L.I . died on the 3rd July in No. 13 General Hospital, Boulogne, France, and expressing the sympathy and regret of the Secretary of State for War.
[Bridgnorth Journal, 10th July, 1915.]

Pioneer Sherry, 10170, was awarded the Victory and British Medals and the 14 Star. His death was reported in the Bridgnorth Journal on 10th July, 1915. His brother, Private G H Sherry, also died during the war.

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