Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, who died during the two World Wars.

from Second-Lieut. H. Martin Jones
[Bridgnorth Grammar School Magazine, July, 1915]

5th April,
"We have already had some experience of Trench work. A few days ago we were put into the firing line with a regular battalion. It was a very novel experience and would have been quite enjoyable had it not rained all the time we were in. We only did a 24 hours' spell, but even in that short time we were absolutely covered with mud. The trenches are really wonderful. The men have their dug-outs, and the officers have a small kitchen and mess-room constructed in the walls of the trenches.
During the time we were in, there was very little doing. The most exciting moment being when getting in and out of the trenches. Of course we got in at night, but the Germans send up flares which light up the whole of the ground in front. Then they bang away at anything they can see and we had several exciting moments.
I have been particularly struck with the efficiency of our aircraft. The fellows are remarkably plucky and daring. The other day we saw one of our aviators fly over ihe German lines to reconnoitre for our artillery, The shells from German anti-aircaft guns burst all around him, but he calmly went on with his work and only returned to our lines when he had evidently obtained the required information. It was really a splendid sight.
By the way, I read the account of the School Prize Distribution in a Bridgnorth Journal and was awfully pleased to that so many Old Boys have responded to the call of their country. One is always proud to compare one's old School with those of one's brother officers on such matters. When one takes the size of the School into account I think we have done as well as any."

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