South Staffordshire War Memorials

Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of the South Staffordshire area who died during the two World Wars.

Coven War Memorial - St Paul's Church.

An engraved brass plaque on the North wall of the chancel bearing the title 'The Great War / 1914 - 1918. / Coven Parish / The Heroic Dead.' The names of thirteen men are given along with their dates of death. At the bottom of the plaque is the quotation: "These are not dead, they live, they live, / They died for us, their lives to give, / They fell, 't'is true, amid the strife! / But - they fell asleep to wake to life."

Rank Name Unit Date of Death
Private Edwin Wellings Warwickshire 2 1914-12-19
Boy 1st Class James Snead HMS Invincible 1916-05-31
Private Charles Hayward RAMC 1916-07-14
Private William Oliver Jones Suffolk 7 1917-08-09
Bert Davis 1917-09-00
Private Arthur Victor Upperdine South Staffs 2/5 1917-09-27
Gunner Joseph Deans RFA 82 1917-09-30
Lieutenant Richard Standeford Pullen South Staffs 1 1917-10-26
Sapper Charles Henry Bickley Canadian Railway Troops 13 1918-03-28
Private Frank Highway Essex 2 1918-04-18
Lieutenant Henry William Wellings KSLI 1918-06-20
Lance Bombardier George Davis RGA 231 1918-10-15
Gunner Alfred Morris RGA 71 1918-11-21

This memorial has mostly been compiled from official sources. It would be good to be able to expand it with more personal material - memories, stories, photos, etc. If you have any suitable material or any corrections please contact Greg.