Dedicated to the memory of all the men and women of the Bridgnorth area who died during the two World Wars.

Highley Parish Church - War Memorial

A large stone cross with two panels listing twenty-eight men who died in the First World War. A third panel commemorates a further eighteen who died in the Second World War.

WW1 Panel 1. Click a man's name on the panel to read his biography.

WW1 Panel 2. Click a man's name on the panel to read his biography.

An Alphabetical List of the World War One Panels

J Aston Pte KSLI
E Bingham Pte KSLI
C Brewer Cpl RMLI
L Brick Pte KSLI
W Clark Pte DYLI
E Davies L.Cpl KSLI
H Davies Pte RFA
A L Egan Pte KSLI
G S Egan Pte MGC
W Gibbs Pte MGC
C Green Pte W
G H Hill Pte GG
T Holden Pte RE
E M Humphries RE
R James Pte KSLI
E Jones Pte KSLI
E Latham Pte NF
J Mead 10th Husrs
J Reynolds Pte KSLI
C H Smith Pte KSLI
A Staley Pte RFA
J Tarrant Pte W
W J Wadron Pte KSLI
A Walker Pte KSLI
W R Warner Pte KSLI
A Whitney Pte KSLI
J W Wilcox Pte KSLI
C Wood Pte KSLI

WW2 Panel.

In about 1997 the Highley Local History Society published a booklet Lest We Forget which gives information about the men of both wars. It draws on the CWGC and 'Soldiers Died', expanded by some details from family and local knowledge. The stories of the individual men are set against a short description of the events of the wars.